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Unhinged Word

Welcome to Unhinged Word. This blog is a glimpse into my personal biblical study, both past and present. As a grown up church/ministry kid, reformed rebel, and pastor’s wife, I have looked at God’s Word from a few different angles. I have always been fascinated by Scripture. As a child, I was enamored by its heroes. As a rebellious teenager and young adult, I abused it as I constantly sought for loopholes, excuses, and exclusions by pulling verses out of a context I was all too familiar with. Several years ago, I emerged, my life a mess, ready to open my Bible, not to find heroes, not to look for my own agenda, but to receive the fullness of God’s Word. My life has never been the same. I love to study Scripture more than ever. The heroes are even more heroic than I realized, but they are fueled, not by their own character, but by faith in an Almighty God. The old loopholes I used to search for have dissolved in the face of a full and complete Gospel that doesn’t hinge on what you can get away, with but on how much of God is available to those who will seek him .  My own agenda brought only disaster, but God’s agenda for me has restored life, happiness, and light.

Whether you’re a student of the Word, simply curious, or just a little lost, I pray that you’ll read something here that God can use to adjust your perspective and tug at your heart.  God’s Word is vast and contains the answers to life, death, and eternity.  Its also a personal message from God to you! All that  you’re searching for is in its pages.  If you want to know the Lord, He has revealed Himself to all who seek Him through His Word to us. I hope you enjoy what you find in Unhinged Word, but more importantly, I encourage you to open your Bible to Genesis 1:1 with an open mind and heart, let go of preconceived notions and doctrines, and just let the I Am speak to your heart.

New Beginnings for a New Year

No matter how many times we have failed to stay true to our New Year’s Resolutions, we really can’t help but make new ones, even if we keep our vows a secret. Regardless of whether you keep these goals to yourself or whether you proudly proclaim them from the rooftops, here are a few things to remember as you evaluate your path through the new year. I’ve learned most of these lessons the hard way, but you don’t have to!

The Covenants of God Series: The Solaric Covenant

God is now ready to establish a covenant relationship with the inhabitants of Earth even before He breathes life into Adam’s body, making him a living soul…Genesis 1:14-19 presents the Solaric Covenant which, like most covenants that are established by God, is prophetic in nature. As God launches His creative work on the fourth day of creation, He also launches the first covenant recorded in Scripture; the Solaric Covenant…

The Covenants of God Series: Why Study the Covenants of God?

  The word “covenant” has been thrown around freely in the world of Christianity over the past several years. You can hear the words “covenant relationship” frequently if you watch Christian television for any length of time. “Covenant” has become a buzzword in Christian circles. I take issue with the circulation of buzzwords because they are used frequently, often with little or no teaching to actually foster the understanding of the importance of the concept behind the word. The covenant relationship runs deep through God’s Word. It’s a very real agreement with long-standing (sometimes eternal) blessings or consequences, as the case may be. In order to understand the covenants of God, one must first understand that God’s plan is propelling humanity toward a planned eternal state.

A Covenant Beginning

I sat in my office and reflected on the past year. The kids were settled and quiet, so my natural inclination was to get some things done. I looked at my “To Do” lists. I had approximately 10. They were taped across the shelving above my computer: a list for general church duties, for my Sunday School class, for the Wednesday Night Youth Program curriculum, for the Youth Group, for tracking what I didn’t want to slip through the cracks with my own kids, for work, for home, and on and on. I updated the lists weekly. It was the only way I felt I could keep everything caught up. As I sat there, alone, trying to decide which list to tackle, I began to weep. I wept and wept. It was a major meltdown that had been a long time coming.