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Unhinged Deliverance

Welcome to Unhinged Deliverance, where we understand that complete freedom is typically a process. We are a husband & wife team who understand both sides of recovery. My husband, Jonathan, is a former addict. God delivered him from his drug addiction, but the road to complete freedom was a long one, for both of us.

If you, or someone you love, is suffering from the aftermath of addiction, please take a few moments to explore Unhinged Deliverance. We pray that the Lord can use us to encourage, help, and support you.

For those located in the southeastern Kentucky area, we also offer a hands-on discipleship program. For more information, please contact us unhingedworld@gmail.com and use “Recovery” to label your subject field.






Kristin’s Top 12 (approximately): 16 Ways to Beat the Blues

We all have those seasons in our lives when we can’t exactly explain how we feel, except to attribute our feelings to the “blues”. Sometimes, nothing in particular is wrong. Other times, everything is wrong all at the same time. Either way, God’s plan is for us to live a victorious life and that means it’s time to beat the blues.

New Beginnings for a New Year

No matter how many times we have failed to stay true to our New Year’s Resolutions, we really can’t help but make new ones, even if we keep our vows a secret. Regardless of whether you keep these goals to yourself or whether you proudly proclaim them from the rooftops, here are a few things to remember as you evaluate your path through the new year. I’ve learned most of these lessons the hard way, but you don’t have to!

Facing the Holidays After Addiction

I just knew that the love I had for him and my abundance of Christmas spirit would make everything right. Imagine my disappointment when he struggled and battled depression worse than ever during the Christmas season. I was heartbroken and I know he was too…Regardless of the reason for the escalated struggle, we have some suggestions for former addicts and their spouses as they face the holiday season.

A Vision of Freedom

So, now you’re saved!…Now what? Will the cravings for your drug of choice just stop? Will Satan, your new mortal enemy, just decide not to use the powerful tool of your addiction against you? Sadly,this will probably not be the case. Even though your chains have been broken, there’s a difference between deliverance and complete freedom. In some cases, every trace of addiction is gone. In many cases, however, we have to be refined in the fire…The very first thing you need to do is define your vision.

Our Story: From deliverance to freedom

Neither of us knew just how long and hard the journey ahead would be. Even though Jonathan had truly received a miracle, it would be years before he was completely free from the effects of his past. I was a life-long “church girl”, raised in ministry. I had indulged in a few years of rebellion, and although I thought things had gotten pretty edgy, I was sheltered and knew nothing about rehabilitation or recovery. 

A Covenant Beginning

I sat in my office and reflected on the past year. The kids were settled and quiet, so my natural inclination was to get some things done. I looked at my “To Do” lists. I had approximately 10. They were taped across the shelving above my computer: a list for general church duties, for my Sunday School class, for the Wednesday Night Youth Program curriculum, for the Youth Group, for tracking what I didn’t want to slip through the cracks with my own kids, for work, for home, and on and on. I updated the lists weekly. It was the only way I felt I could keep everything caught up. As I sat there, alone, trying to decide which list to tackle, I began to weep. I wept and wept. It was a major meltdown that had been a long time coming.