By Kristin B. Sizemore


To the prophets, He was fulfillment, the completion of covenant, the coming redeemer. To those who walk in darkness, He is the light. To His earthly followers, he was Yeshua. To many, He is Jesus. To millions, He is salvation. To the weary, He is rest. To the thirsty, He is the living water. To the hungry, He is the bread of life. To the sick, He is the healer. To Israel, He is the righteous branch, the lion of Judah, eternal king, Anointed One. To the Gentiles, He is the hope of redemption. To the seeker, He is the Answer, the Truth. To the lost, He is the Way. To the wanderer, He is home.

Who is Messiah to you?


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     Jehovah came to me and asked me to leave my home. He gave me no destination. He would lead me to a land of promise. He promised to make my name great, bringing forth from my loins a great nation who would bless all people, and something else, something my mind couldn’t comprehend.

I left the security of my father’s land and riches and walked toward Jehovah’s promise in faith. There were many trials and tests along the way. Sometimes I failed, but Jehovah kept patiently leading me toward a promise I didn’t fully understand.

     After many years of waiting, the child that was needed to begin Jehovah’s great nation finally came. It was a miracle! Sarah and I loved Isaac so. He was the joy of our old age. Years later, Jehovah visited me and asked the unthinkable; the Lord would require me to sacrifice Isaac. I would have gladly given my own life, but the Lord Most High asked for the life of my son. I led Isaac up the mountain in faith, willing to sacrifice my everything, but also knowing that Isaac was the son of promise. As I bound my long-awaited blessing upon the altar, the words Jehovah had said to me so many times rang in my ears; A nation, blessing, a land, but something more; provision. “Abraham!” I heard my name proclaimed by the angel of the Lord. “Here am I!”, I cried.

     Gratitude and humbleness overwhelmed me as I saw the ram that Jehovah had provided in Isaac’s place. At that moment, I finally understood; the land, the people, the nation would bring forth a provision for sin who would bless all people. I am Abraham.

To me, Messiah is the Promise!


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