New Beginnings for a New Year

No matter how many times we have failed to stay true to our New Year’s Resolutions, we really can’t help but make new ones, even if we keep our vows a secret. Regardless of whether you keep these goals to yourself or whether you proudly proclaim them from the rooftops, here are a few things to remember as you evaluate your path through the new year. I’ve learned most of these lessons the hard way, but you don’t have to!

Dear, Halli: A letter to my soon-to-be-born niece, from the Letters of Life Series

I’ve always loved writing and receiving letters. Call me an old soul, but letter writing is a lost art. There are just some things that need to be written instead of spoken. There are some things too important to be properly conveyed in a text message. Some letters are meant to be sent. Some letters are meant to be tucked into a journal, their recipient never becoming aware of their existence. Some letters are meant to be shared with you.

Kristin’s Top 12 (appoximately): 19 Books to Read This Christmas

Does it get any better than snuggling in with a blanket and a good book on a cold, winter day? One way to improve upon this scenario is for this cold, winter day to be during the holiday season and for your book of choice to be a Christmas book! If you want to make life even better, if you can stand it, is to gather your kids and have a few minutes of peaceful Christmas reading together. From Little Golden Books to Novellas to one of the best Novels of all time, here’s my list of what to read this Christmas season!

Facing the Holidays After Addiction

I just knew that the love I had for him and my abundance of Christmas spirit would make everything right. Imagine my disappointment when he struggled and battled depression worse than ever during the Christmas season. I was heartbroken and I know he was too…Regardless of the reason for the escalated struggle, we have some suggestions for former addicts and their spouses as they face the holiday season.

A Vision of Freedom

So, now you’re saved!…Now what? Will the cravings for your drug of choice just stop? Will Satan, your new mortal enemy, just decide not to use the powerful tool of your addiction against you? Sadly,this will probably not be the case. Even though your chains have been broken, there’s a difference between deliverance and complete freedom. In some cases, every trace of addiction is gone. In many cases, however, we have to be refined in the fire…The very first thing you need to do is define your vision.